Tomio Yamamoto

Tomio Yamamoto is co-principal of Kobe International Junior and Senior High School, and a lecturer at Osaka Music Conservatory. Prior to his current appointments, Yamamoto-sensei taught high school band where his concert and marching bands won numerous awards. In 1986 he resigned from his post and began working to create a new style in Japanese music education, which he is still working at and is nationally sought after for. Around this time Mr. Yamamoto met Professor Timothy Salzman, the UW Wind Ensemble conductor, in Illinois. This proved to be an eye opening exchange of ideas and for the last twenty-four years Mr. Yamamoto and Prof. Salzman have been trying to improve music education in both countries. Mr. Yamamoto has been instrumental in providing musical and cultural exchanges while promoting globalization for many groups and individuals; the UW Wind Ensemble, Husky Marching Band, Prof. Tom Collier (UW Percussion Study), Left Coast Brass, Miho & Diego Duo and Graham-Kapowsin High School Band. In addition to all of this, Mr. Yamamoto is an active producer for Kansai TV, and holds an annual concert in which 5000 Band Members perform a concert at Osaka Dome. He has also recently produced educational DVD’s featuring Professor. Salzman and the University of Washington Wind Ensemble (available through Nihon Pals). Yamamoto-sensei is a recipient of numerous awards, including; the Kobe Youth Award, Nakauchi Cultural Award and Kobe Shinbun Peace Award. He is considered one of the most influential music educators throughout Japan and serves as a consultant and clinician for several bands throughout the country.

山本富男:現在神戸国際中学・高等学校校長、大阪音楽大学講師を務める。過去に数々の吹奏楽団やマーチングバンドを教育し、大会等での入賞へ導き、実績を残す。10年継続金賞受賞後、独自に日本の音楽教育の新しいスタイルを確立するために尽力し、そのスタイルは今でも日本で見本となっている。その頃、アメリカワシントン州、ワシントン大学の吹奏楽教授、ティモシー・サルツマン氏とイリノイ州で出会い意気投合、以後20年以上アイデアの交換をし続け、日本、アメリカ両国での音楽教育の向上に努めている。この音楽、そして文化交流の架け橋を通し、ワシントン大学ウインドアンサンブル、ハスキーマーチングバンド、打楽器家 トム・コーリア教授、レフトコーストブラス、美保&ディエゴデュオ、ムジカグラート氷見、グラハムーカポーシン高校吹奏楽団等を含む多くのグループ、音楽家が国際交流を経験している。このような活動に加え、関西テレビと共に毎年、大阪ドームで5000人の吹奏楽奏者が演奏するコンサートをプロデュースし、サルツマン教授とワシントン大学ウインドアンサンブルを特集した教育DVDの制作も手がけている。(日本パルスより発売)神戸ユース賞、中内文化賞、神戸新聞平和賞含む、多くの賞を受賞。現在日本で最も影響力のある音楽教育者として、国内の数々の団体でクリニックを行い、指導している。

Miho Takekawa

Dr. Miho Takekawa is from Tokyo, Japan and currently resides in Seattle, Washington. She is a percussion lecturer at Pacific Lutheran University where she directs percussion and steel pan ensemble as well as the Japan Tour Coordinator and Activities Liaison for the University of Washington School Of Music. She was an interim percussion professor at University of Washington School of Music in fall, 2010.

She has been actively encouraging cultural awareness in youth from Washington and Japan by coordinating and leading educational trips to both countries with a number of ensembles including the University of Washington Husky Marching Band, the University of Washington Wind Ensemble, Musica Grato Himi, Tamana Girls High School Band, Graham-Kapowsin High School Band, the Left Coast Brass Quintet and percussionist Tom Collier.

Miho began piano study at age three and percussion study at age thirteen. She graduated from Kunitachi School of Music (Tokyo, Japan) in both percussion performance and music education and holds a master's degree in percussion performance from the University of Washington. She earned her doctoral degree in percussion performance at University of Washington in 2011. She is a cofounder of the marimba & Andean flute duo, the Miho & Diego Duo ( and a member of the Diego Coy Música Colombiana, Pan Leggo Steel Drum Ensemble, Pan Duo, and various different groups. In Japan she formed the North Rainbow Steel Drum Group in Sapporo, and was an arranger for the Hirosaki University Steel Pan Group. Miho has earned numerous awards including, the highly competitive Boeing Scholarship at the University of Washington School of Music; a Washington State Arts Commission Fellowship; King County 4Culture Individual Artist grant; and an Artist Trust Centrum Artist Residency. She has also served a panelist for King County 4Culture Music/Art program and the percussion liaison for the College Band Directors National Association in 2011. She is a contributing coauthor to A Composer's Insight: Thoughts, Analysis and Commentary on Contemporary. Masterpieces for Wind Band (published by Meredith Music).

Miho also leads the Worship and Music Ministry Team at Bethany United Church of Christ, a cross-cultural, intergenerational, anti-racist, open and affirming community of faith and justice in the Beacon Hill, south Seattle. The diverse worship and music come out of the international worldview of the people of faith at Bethany, who are seeking to build community for all the people.

Miho enjoys teaching piano and percussion to her neighbors’ young and talented students, which is a great challenge to her. She likes to travel, learn about different cultures, and eat great food from all over the world.

武川 美保(音楽博士)は東京出身で、現在は米国ワシントン州シアトルに在住。パシフィックルテラン大学の打楽器講師を務め、打楽器アンサンブルとステーィルパンアンサンブルのディレクターを兼任。ワシントン大学音楽科では2004年より日本交流委員長、また2010年の前半期は、打楽器科教授を歴任。


3歳からピアノを始め、13歳で打楽器を始める。国立音楽大学にて、打楽器と音楽教育科を専攻。その後、ワシントン大学で修士課程を終え、2011年に博士号を取得。武川は アンデスフルートとマリンバのデュオMiho & Diego Duo の発足者。また、ディエゴコイムジカコロンビアナ、パンレゴスティールドラムアンサンブル、パンデュオ、等のグループで活動中。札幌でノースレインボウスティールドラムグループを作り、弘前大学スティールパングループの編曲者の経験を持つ。武川は、今までに、アメリカボーイング社のスカラーシップ、キング郡4カルチャーアーティスト賞、アーティストトラスト賞等を受賞。また、キング郡4カルチャーの審査員や、アメリカ全州から集まる吹奏楽教師のためのシアトルでのコンフェレンスで打楽器委員長を務める。メリデス出版から、A Composer's Insight: Thoughts, Analysis and Commentary on Contemporaryを共同出版。