Left Coast Brass Japan Tour



Himi, Toyama Prefecture-Coming of age ceremony performance with Musica Grato Himi. 富山県氷見市、成人式(式典)にて、ムジカグラート氷見とジョイントコンサート

Kobe International Junior and Senior High School 神戸国際中、高等学校

Kobe Ikawa Kita High School 神戸市 井川北高等学校

Okayama-Performance and master classes at Okayama-Sanyo High School. 岡山県倉敷にて、岡山山陽高等学校吹奏楽生徒にマスタークラスと、コンサート。

Tamana-Performance with Tamana Girls High School at their New Year's Concert 熊本県玉名市、玉名女子高等学校吹奏楽部のニューイヤーコンサートに出演。

In January 2006 the Left Coast Brass toured Japan. Our first stop was the beautiful city of Himi in the Toyama prefecture. It just so happened there was an unusual amount of snow that year and consequently some of our luggage was delayed from being shipped from the airport to Himi. Our hosts were so gracious that they insisted on taking us shopping and bought us clothes to wear for our performance (which was a difficult task in itself trying to find clothes that fit us) until our baggage arrived. We were honored to then perform at the Coming of Age Ceremony in Himi, at which most of the city seemed to attend. All the young men and women in the audience were dressed in a traditional kimono. It was an amazing sight to look out at as we ended our performance singing, “All You Need Is Love” all together. www.leftcoastbrass.org

  1. Ben Clark (Trumpet)
  2. Ed Castro (Trumpet)
  3. Meghan Wagner (French Horn)
  4. Nate Lee (Tuba)
  5. Ryan Wagner (Trombone)

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Musica Grato Himi in Seattle


Musica Grato Himi came to participate/shared the pre-game, half-time and post-game performance with the Husky Marching Band, University of Washington.


Musica Grato Himi made a special sign said "I Love Husky". The audience were extremely excited!

ムジカグラート氷見が手作りの "I Love Husky" というサインを広げた時、観客は大盛り上がり!

The former UW president, Dr. M. Emmert came down to greet to Yamamoto-sensei.


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