Welcome to TY Music Exchange (TY 音楽交流)

TY --- these are the initials of Tomio Yamamoto, a Japanese music educator as well as Thank You. “TY Music Exchange” was founded by a Japanese percussionist, Dr. Miho Takekawa. (Click here about Miho) This website explains how Tomio has been contributing his educational experience, sharing his knowledge about music and education, and giving generous financial support for students in both the U.S. and Japan through music.

Through this website, Miho also wishes to be able to show her appreciation for Tomio, for helping her life as a Japanese musician/music educator living in the U.S., and to share it with the people who have similar experiences. Tomio and Miho met for the first time in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan in 2004, when Tomio hosted the University of Washington Wind Ensemble directed by Prof. Timothy Salzman. Miho was the marimba soloist (Ewazen’s Marimba Concerto) for the tour as well as the trip planner and the translator. Prof. Salzman and Tomio have been friends for over 25 years and their strong friendship led both of their dreams coming true; “ a music exchange for students”.

Since 2004, Tomio has expanded his musical horizon to reach out and give more opportunities to many students/musicians/educators in Seattle and Japan. Please click here (chronological order) to see the photos of the groups that were able to play music through Tomio’s wonderful educational visions.

Dr. Miho Takekawa would like to acknowledge and thank all the people who have offered their true help and support for her.

TY Music ExchangeのTYの語源は、山本富男先生のローマ字のイニシャルと、音楽へ感謝をこめて、英語のThank You の頭文字から来ています。この音楽交流のホームページは、現在シアトル在住の音楽家/教師の武川美保によって作られています。このホームページでは、山本先生がシアトルと日本間でされてきた活動と、その中で先生がどのように多くのアメリカ人へ教育的観点を惜しみなく伝え、共有をしてくださっているかを紹介しています。また、このホームページは、日本人としてアメリカで音楽を教えている私(武川)が山本先生から学んだ多くの事への感謝と、同等の経験を持つ仲間達とそれをいつも心に刻めるようにとの願いがこめられています。山本先生と私は2004年に兵庫県神戸で、シアトルのワシントン大学ウインドアンサンブル日本ツアーを通して初めて出会いました。その際、私がマリンバ協奏曲の演奏をし、ツアーのコーディネーター、そして通訳を務めました。ワシントン大学ウィンドアンサンブルの指揮者、ティモシー サルツマン教授と山本先生は25年以来の友人であり、2人の夢、“音楽交流”がこの時ついに実現したのです。