University of Washington Wind Ensemble Japan Tour


This was the first time Prof. Salzman and Yamamoto-sensei's dreams came true together in Japan.


There were many generous host-families for the members. Also, Yamamoto-sensei reserved a traditional Japanese Inn, the ryokan with natural hot spring. Everyone performed well after taking a bath!


I, Miho Takekawa, will never forget this trip. I played a marimba concerto, worked as translator and coordinator; therefore, I lost some weight.


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Mr. Tomio Yamamoto in Seattle


UWWE Japan Tour 2004 students invited Yamamoto-sensei to Seattle with their contribution.

UWWE Japan Tour 2004 の生徒達が、山本先生に感謝の気持ちをこめて、シアトルに招待しました。


“Tomio Yamamoto Welcome to Safeco” on the Mariner’s score board was a surprise gift from one student who really appreciated what Yamamoto-sensei has done for the group.

American size hamburger at the Ram, University Village was very big!


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